April 16



A new month is always an opportunity to start fresh.
This is especially true in the Spring, as we head toward Summer.
Well, May is knocking on the door and that means outdoor activities and maybe even slipping into your swim suit and heading to the beach or pool.
The problem is, for many of us, the mere thought of putting on a bathing suit leads to anxiety. And since many of us understandably put on a few pounds during the pandemic, it’s especially true now.
I wish I could tell you we could snap our fingers and make washboard abs instantly appear. If that were the case, there would be no need to exercise or watch what you eat.
If you’re not thrilled with how you look or feel, or you’re dreading the moment of truth when you have to put that bathing suit on and look in the mirror, don’t despair.
You can’t lose 10 pounds today … but you CAN take a small step or action that will lead to the body and health that you want.


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